Airport security fiasco
Monday, 07 July 2008 09:42

We're told that all the checks, CCTV, surveillance, inconvenience and stress is all for our protection and that nothing can go wrong because the staff are doing it all so well.

What a joke!

On my last flight from Manchester to Cork, flying with bmibaby a passenger was stood at the front of the aircraft complaining that someone was already sat in her seat. This doesn't happen all that often. The 'cabin manager' went and asked the seated passenger for their boarding card and checked it only to find that they were indeed in the correct seat.

Only then did the flight staff take the trouble to check the boarding card of the passenger who was complaining. She found that the passenger was actually on the wrong aircraft.

What does this tell us about the staff and airport security in general?

Words like incompetent spring to mind. We're told that all the stress and inconvenience is for our protection, but clearly it's not working. The staff could could not have read the boarding pass at more than one location for this incident to have happened. If it can happen so easily what faith can we put in any of the government's so-called security?

Airport security is about stressing the public and finding out what level of inconvenience and government control they are willing to put up with before it is rolled out in more places. It is about the government exercising control and making a statement about its power over the citizen.

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