Ireland has jobworths too
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 18:04

The UK does not have a monopoly on jobsworths, they are alive and well, living in Ireland and doing their best to disrupt life in the emerald isle.

Today a one-man-band garage owner was issued a written warning by the Irish Health and Safety Authority (enough said?) for hanging a calendar featuring topless models in his workshop.

The garage owner is the only person who works in his workshop but he was still warned that the calendar was a “display of pornographic material at the place of work" and he was given a deadline for its removal.

The jobsworths strike again, trying to enforce petty rules and regulations in a fit of pique and self-aggrandisement that would do any British jobsworth proud. No longer can the UK claim to be the only country that has Olympic-standard jobsworths, there is growing competition from Ireland.

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