Why the middle-aged are getting criminal records
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 19:39

There seems consternation that more people over 40 are getting criminal records for the first time. It does not take more than two brains cells to know why this is happening.

These people were brought up in an age when one was taught to respect authority and speak out when things were not as they should be. However in modern Britain after 12 years of Labour's social engineering we have a country where jumped-up little Nazis are in positions facing the public and are all too ready to use their power to put people in their place.

A good example is airport security where being an obnoxious power-crazed megalomaniac with a chip on your shoulder seems to be a pre-requisite. When faced with such blatant misuse of power the average middle-ager will complain and tell the offending youngster a thing or two. The result is that the police are called and action is taken against a law-abiding citizen. The obnoxious little terd can then feel vindicated and has a good story or two to tell down the pub.

Case two - Labour's philosophy is that everyone, everyone is a paedophile in waiting - and is guilty until proved innocent. Evidence the Independent Safeguarding Authority that will hold details of most of the population at a cost of £64 a head and criminalises almost everyone. This tells you more about the government than anyone else, they don't trust the population because they are the most untrustworthy individuals. Evidence - MPs expenses.



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