Health and saftey stasi or gestapo culture strikes again
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 13:08

Schools in many parts of the UK are closed because of snow, not just the problems of the snow itself, but blanket closures imposed by local authorities concerned about health and safety.

What kind of people are these that allow a bit of winter weather to cloud their thinking like this?

How would they have gone on in the war? Oh we can't let anyone use a gun against the enemy because they might shoot someone or they might injure themselves.

We can't have children coming to school in the snow because they might slip and injure themselves or their parents 4x4 might slip off the road and then they would sue us because they were coming to school and if they hadn't been then they would have been safe so the school is to blame!

This sends out entirely the wrong message to children, it says that as soon as things get even slightly difficult you abandon everything and stay at home. How are they going to cope in the real world where there is work to be done under all conditions?

Our health and safety nanny state culture needs to come to an end. Children are tough, relisient things that don't need to be bubble-wrapped. The sooner we go back to more sane standards the better.

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