More chaos and misery for travellers to the United States
Monday, 12 January 2009 15:53

Yes, more misery, delay and humiliation for travellers to the United States from today (12 January 2009) as the US makes it compulsory to register using their Electronic System for Travel Authoristation (ESTA) if you live in a country that is eligible for the Visa Waiver Program.

You must do this at least 72 hours before departure.

Currently visitors to the US can complete a form on the aircraft and present it when they arrive. They will still have to complete the form, so this new process is in addition to the conventional form.

Anyone who has visited the US will know that the petty officials who operate the system seem to delight in making life difficult for travellers. They ask difficult questions and don't believe the answers. They act like they sincerely believe that they have been employed to make life hard for travellers, and they really enjoy their job.

From today you can expect additional delays and misery.


Here are some good reasons . . .

When you enter the US you will be treated like a criminal, questioned and fingerprinted

You will be delayed and questioned if you have not completed the new entry form at least 72 hours before departure

The US dollar is VERY expensive, you will get only about 1.5 for your GB pounds

US people expect tips simply for doing their jobs, and they will tell you so in no uncertain terms if you don't give them what they think you ought to give. They think they have a god-given right to tips.

You have to comply with all the United State's immigration requirements, visa requirements and every other requirement even if you are only changing aircraft in the US.

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