Taking a large bottle through airport security
Friday, 19 December 2008 14:52

Do not be fooled by the misleading signs at airports.

You can take bottles through security screening. What you can't take is the liquid itself, after all, water is dangerous!

How to take your bottle through security

Just empty the bottle, make sure you get the water out, give it a shake to make sure. Then if you want to be really cleaver remove the top and put that in your pocket. Now you don't even need to take the bottle out of your bag. Just go through security and you will have no problem.

Then once you are through go and fill up your bottle.

No tap?

No problem, go to the cafe or bar and ask them to fill it for you.

I wrote to Manchester airport complaining that there was no accessible clean water supply for me to fill my bottle and was told that the cafe or bar staff would be very happy to fill my bottle free of charge. Since then I make a point of getting it filled every time I depart from Manchester.

I take a one litre bottle too.

Try it, and be ready to tell the staff it's a bottle with no liquid so it does not contravene any restrictions.

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