BT threatens bailiffs over 1p bill
Thursday, 14 August 2008 10:34

That bastion of incompetence, BT, has once again shown itself to be the organisation that it is, un-responsive and run by idiots, threatening to take a couple to court over a 1p bill.

When you're running a business there are things you learn fast, but not BT. One thing you learn is that it cost more to send a bill for 1p than it does to write that off. You and I can see that, so why can't the highly paid managers and directors at BT? This is incompetence of breathtaking proportions, the kind that people run coach trips to marvel at. You can read the full story here - it seems that BT kept sending bills, all costing more and more money in postage - can you really believe that an organisation can be so badly run?

It's time BT got some people running it that have a modicum of common sense - somehow that seems unlikely.

When you compare offerings from other communications providers it's amazing that anyone uses BT, their services are so over priced when compared to others.

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