Snooping and spying on the population officially condoned and encouraged in UK
Thursday, 14 August 2008 10:02

Sir Paul Kennedy, head of the government's spying watchdog has publically encouraged councils and local authorities to get on with the business of snooping and spying on the UK population by saying that these bodies are not using their powers enough to examine phone bills and call records.

Local authorities and councils are not fit and proper people to have these powers in the first place. Many local councillors are simply busybodies who have nothing better to do with their time than look for a nice little earner in their later years by collecting allowances, and there's nothing this kind of person likes better than poking around in other people's affairs. When they can do it legitimately that's even better because in effect they are getting paid to do it.

We should be asking oursleves why the government gave these powers in the first place, and calling for them to be withdrawn. Do you really want local councillors sending someone round to your door to ask why you made certain phone calls?

These powers were granted as part of anti-terrorism legislation but are being routinely mis-used by councils. The government thinks that any mention of terror and we the population should roll over and let them walk all over us. Stand up and tell your MP and local councillors that they have no business looking at these records. Ministers and government can not be trusted - remember the enormous losses of data?

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