Daily Mail out of touch with reality
Friday, 11 July 2008 10:27

The headline reads "Google Spies of Your Door" - the writers, David Derbyshire and Arthur Martin then go on to condemn plans by Google to implement their Street View service as a 'gross invasion of privacy'.

The article is written in alarmist terms that sounds like they are intended to whip up bad feeling against Google and its service. Don't these people know that the UK is the home of surveillance where there is one CCTV camera for every 14 people. Every person in the country will be photographed at least 300 times every day as they do about their business. The Google system takes one spanshot and makes that available. This is an alarmist story. The real threat to our privacy comes not from services like this but from the government, and Labour in particular.

We should all remember that Labour is the party of the left, and that in its extreme form that's communism and state control of everything.

The present labour government has sliced away our liberties and freedoms with great relish, giving more and more power to petty officials and encouraging snooping and tale telling. The Daily Mail should get things into perspective and look at what the government is doing and then they would see the real threats.

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