Drugs in prisons and airport security
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 08:09

A recent report says that it's impractical to prevent drugs entering our prisons. At first sight there doesn't seem much connection between prisons and airports. The connection is security - or rather the lack of it. Our government imposes very strict rules at airports telling us what we can and can't take onto aircraft. We all know that it doesn't really make us any safer. If the same authorities can't prevent drugs from entering prisons then exactly the same can be said about airports, where you have a lot more people on the move.

Airport security is not about preventing certain things being taken onto aircraft. It's about control and stress. Putting the population into a position where the government has power and control over them. Giving power to small-minded petty officials who enjoy stressing people and taking knitting needles off old ladies, or toys off children.


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