Air Travel Woes
Monday, 07 July 2008 14:41

Motorists have lost their status as the people who are most despised by government, only to be replaced by air travellers.

If you travel by air, whether it's with one of the full-cost carriers or budget airlines then you enter the class of people despised by government. You are a fair target for unreasonable taxation, more taxation and as much inconvenience and stress as the government can heap on you - and as they are the government that is a considerable amount of all of them.

Let's look at some of the impositions, taxes and charges that are put on you . . .

Passport Charges

We in the UK have some of the highest passport charges in the world. There is no good reason for this. It doesn't cost any more to produce a passport here than in Ireland or Canada, so why is it so expensive?

The answer is that the government wants to introduce identity cards, these will be massivley expensive, so by increasing the cost of a passport they can point out that the increase is only small. A cynical ploy.

Taxes and charges

A 1p or 1 euro cent flight acutally costs you almost GBP 25 or 40 euros. You end up paying all manner of extras.

Credit Card and Handing Charges

These are heaped on by the airlines in a totally unreasonable way. You are not being charged simply for the cost of the card transaction, but also a profit element.


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