A journey through Manchester airport (Sunday 6 July 2008 at approximately 1945)  was 'interesting'. Terminal 3 was almost deserted and due to a flight cancellation I wanted to tell the airline that my fellow traveller would not be flying because of the cancellation of their outward flight. My carry-on bag was left approximately 15 feet from me, so that I did not need to negotiate all the queueing aisles while I told the last remaining check-in person.

An off-duty member of the security staff stood by my bag shouting at me and apparently getting agitated. I called across and told him it was my bag and that I hoped he was not going to steal it. He started issuing orders to me to come and move the bag.

I don't mind being asked to move my bag, even though there is no-one around to whom it could possibly be a hazard.

When I asked for his name he gave it as Jamie Ball and said that if I wanted to complain I should see his supervisor who was the team leader in the security screening section.

Mr Ball's attitude towards me as a member of the public was certainly not what I would expect. I do not object to the words that were spoken but I certainly did object to the manner in which they were spoken and the body language that accompanied them. That was unnecessary.

There is no romance or allure in air travel any longer. Our government has made it one of the most unpleasant, overtaxed, guilt-ridden and stressful things that we do.

When I complained to the supervisor I was met with a totally different attitude. The helpful and conciliatory attitude that one would expect when travelling. The supervisor explained the Jamie Ball had finished his work shift and had left and that he would take up this complaint when he next saw Jamie Ball.

Anyone in a function that involves facing the public, especially a job that calls for consideration and helpfullness should treat the public with consideration and not act unreasonabley or get annoyed with the public. After all it's the public that pays their wages.

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