Virgin withholds payments to Heathrow airport
Monday, 10 January 2011 08:21

Virgin Atlantic is withholding payment of landing fees to BAA Ltd, the foreign-owned operators of Heathrow airport because they were too slow in sorting out the snow mess.

That's ironic, it was passengers who suffered but the airline that seems to be winning yet again. The poor passenger has no such option, if you want to book a ticket you are forced to accept the airline's booking terms AND pay your money up front. You do not have any choice. The service you get from airlines is rubbish and when you want to complain you find that the means of complaining is made very difficult and even when you do complain you are unlikely even to get a response.

The airlines know that once they have your money there is almost nothing you can do to get compensation regardless of how you are treated and what delays or cancellations happen.

The airports such as Heathrow and Manchester in particular do not care about passengers either. The passenger is treated like dirt, subjected to all manner of un-necessary restrictions and milked for every penny possible. Again, complaining is unlikely to result in anything other than further frustration because the passenger is not the customer - the airlines and the high-priced shops at the airport are the customer, so passengers come bottom of the 'care' spectrum.


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