NHS Complaints resolution criticised
Monday, 16 February 2009 07:56

The National Health Service NHS has been criticised for failing to handle complaints properly. There should be no surpirse. We should have been surprised if complaints were handled in a timely and 'decent' manner. What does anyone expect from a state monopoly where morale is at an all-time low and staff are more concerned about political correctness than patient care, and where complaints are handled by the very people who are the subject of the complaint?

Take the example of a woman complained about her treatment during a series of investigations of recurrent personal problem. Her complaint was passed to the consultant about whom she had complained and he wrote to her asking her to telephone his secretary to make an appointment to meet with him and explain her complaint.

This is not a serious attempt at handling a complaint. It is laughable.

The NHS is the wrong organisation to investigate complaints about itself in the same way that the Law Society is the wrong body to investiage complaints against solicitors.

There needs to be a totally independent body with extensive powers to order hefty compensation and immediate changes in the way things are done. Patients are people, they pay HUGE taxes and contributions for the NHS. To say it's free us simply not true, it has massive costs that fall on every taxpayer. It's time we demanded value for money and our complaints were dealt with properly.

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