BMI trials in-flight communications
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 17:13

BMI is set to trial in flight communications using mobile phones, blackberry type devices and laptops.

Is there no respite from the 'I'm on the train . . .' idiots?

Now it will be 'I'm on the plane'.

Airplanes used to be at least one place where you could get a little peace from the mind numbing inane conversations of others. Do they really think I want to hear what they are planning for tonight, or the sordid details of their love life?

There is NO conversation that can't wait until the plane arrives.

Now let's turn to the ban on the use of mobiles on aircraft. Are we to assume that we have all been turning off our mobiles unnecessarily? That is certainly the impression that this move gives me.

Needless to say I will be avoiding BMI and looking for a little peace and quiet.

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