Surgeon suggests no help for victims of foreign operations
Thursday, 04 December 2008 10:54

A surgeon has suggested that people who go abroad for lower-cost operations such as 'plastic surgery' should not be able to get help in the UK when they return and there are problems, except when those problems are 'life threatening'.

At first sight this sounds sensible. It sounds like a good economy measure, and should be welcomed in the current economic climate when money is tight. However, we should be applying this to other things too. Looking and thinking wider, thinking and saying the unthinkable. Why not apply this across the board?

There are huge numbers of things that the NHS provides that are not 'life threatening' but still vast amounts of money are spent on them. Take fertility treatment as a good example. Some women are having massive amounts of money spent on them in the form of tests, consultations and operations etc to enable them to bring yet another child into the world. At the other end of the scale we have the ferral teenagers breeding like rabbits, the five kids by five fathers brigade of popular culture.

Something is wrong.

Our thinking has been totally distorted by 11 years of political correctness and Labour spin and propaganda, we need to sit back, think long and hard and kick our politicians until they get a bit of common sense into their heads.

We had better only kick them metaphotically or we will be arrested, while the real criminals and villans are enjoying their human rights and running rings around the police.

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