Google Street View why all the fuss?
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 20:35

Why are people getting bothered about Google's Street View making panoramic views of our streets? Every one of us is photographed more than 300 times each and every day by surveillance cameras in the UK. So what is anyone worried about?

Personally I'm more worried about the government and what they do with the images and where the technology is going with Labour in control. Snooping is totally out of control with this government. Gordon Brown wants to know what we all do every minute of the day.

It would be a great thing to tax CCTV cameras and make images subject to the same rules and regulations as computer data stored in databases. In addition, we ought to be able to see the images anytime on the internet, the technology is there and it would make sure that we all knew what those snooping snoopers were getting up to.

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