I hate Windows Vista
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 16:57

We needed a new lightweight computer for travelling and it had to run a special piece of custom software, so there was no choice about which operating system it had to run. After looking at what's available we bought a Sony Vaio with 11 inch screen, weighing in at 1.5 kilos. Lovely piece of equipment with a very high resolution screen. It also comes with Vista Business Edition.

This is a disaster as far as we are concerned. We're just too late to get XP so we're stuck with Vista. Eye Candy is how I would describe most of its facilities. It's a prime example of an operating sytem that prevents you from doing things.

First of all there is User Account Control - what a nightmare! Someone had nothing to do when they dreamt up this 'feature' it pops up boxes asking you to confirm almost everything you do. When I tell the computer to do something that's what I expect it to do, not keep asking me if I really meand it.

Next comes the 'migraine inducing' Aero animation feature. When you open a window it's animated so it expands, producing a sickly feeling after you have worked on it for a while. I have no interest in bells and whistles that slow my laptop down, why waste time putting them in?

Now we come to networking. A real problem. My real computer is a Mac, I opened the control panel, turned on file sharing, set it to SMB sharing. No restart needed. There it is immediately showing up in Vista, just what you expect.

But how do I get the Vista PC to allow the Mac access via my network? After a whole afternoon of searching the internet I still don't know how to do it. It seems that the Windows firewall is blocking access.

This reminds me of a problem way back in time when Microsoft Windows 3 sat on top of a DOS system. If you were using the Microsoft DOS it all worked fine. However, if you were using DR-DOS things were a little different. You got a message saying 'Non-fatal error . . . . with a varying error number'. You can read more about that here. Or you can search for MS_DOS Windows false error message and you'll find plenty to read.

I'm not saying there is a deliberate problem here, just that it's very difficult to get a Mac to connect to a pc running Vista whereas going from a pc running Vista to a Mac is a breeze. Nothing could be much easier in computing terms.

There are many companies that are changing over the Apple Macs, I can see why. I will not be buying another pc in the future it will be a Mac or Linux. There are some very good implementations of Linux about and when you throw in the Open Office suite that's free and still does everything the Microsoft's Office suite does you start to wonder.

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