Location based services will become surveillance
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 11:44

Companies are starting to offer services based on tracking people via their mobile phones. You can imagine the scenario, you are walking through a shopping mall and you receive a text message with a special offer from a nearby shop. All very nice you may think. But it has sinister implications.

How happy would you be if you knew that the government and police were tracking you movements via the same technology? Consider this different scenario. You are awakened by heavy banging on your door at 3am, 4 police officers push past you into your house and demand answers to questions like . . .

'What were you doing in the area of . . . . at 7pm last night?'

'You travelled along the M6 last night - why were you visiting  . . . . .'

Don't have anything to do with location based services, they are just another way of tracking your movements and keeping you under surveillance.

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