Head cameras change attitudes - and not for the better
Monday, 07 July 2008 11:37

Head Cameras Change the Public's Attitude Towards Police

When you look at this publicity photograph of a police office wearing a head camera does it surprise you that the police say that wearing a head camera changes the public's attitude?

What message does this give you?

head camera

The message it gives me is 'You are guilty of doing something and I am recording everything that you do and say with a view to using it in evidence against you'.

Does the officer look friendly and approachable? I think not. In my opinion he has a staring expression that suggests anything but approachablily and helpfulness. Quite the reverse, I find the use of this kind of equipment intimidating and believe it is designed to be intimidating to the public.

Couple that with police carrying taser stun guns and other similar equipment and you have a force that changes the public's perception. Is it the perception that the police really want the public to have? If it is then I am very worried.

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