Don't work with the public unless you like people
Monday, 07 July 2008 11:13

There are some people who are unsuited to working with the public. We have all come across them at some time. Once in a uniform and and bolstered by a little authority they change from reasonable people into authoritarian dictators who seem want to exercise what little authority they have and keep people down.

If you travel by air then you will encounter such people more frequently, and if you should travel to the US then you are almost certain to meet them when you are entering the country. Generally in the UK you will find them in security or passenger screening functions or maybe working as litter wardens, traffic wardens or similar jobs.

There is no romance or allure in air travel any longer, our government has taken away any pleasure that there once was by imposing unreasonable restrictions on us. No-one should feel safe because old ladies are having their knitting needles taken off them or children having toys confiscated. Airports are full of sad stacks of confiscated shaving foam and water bottles under regulations that do not respond to the actual need.

Every time the government and securtiy staff inconvenience an innocent person they have failed because they have done something that didn't need to be done.

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