Death Penalty for the Better Off
Sunday, 06 July 2008 10:57

Death Sentence for the better off

Doctor's leader and the government agree that anyone who pays for drugs that are not available on the NHS should be denied treatment.

This is a death sentence for anyone who needs treatment and can afford to pay for the drugs but not for everything that goes with it. It's fine for the government to sentence people to a slow death by denying them drugs such as chemotherapy that could extend their lives, but if those people have the audacity to pay for those drugs then but doctors and government say they should not be treated by the NHS.

That forces people to pay the full cost of private treatment, so it's a death sentence for anyone marginally better off.

This is yet another example of labour's socialist dogma whereby they say that want the best for everyone, but what they actually mean is that they want the lowest standard for everyone.

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