Why Don't We Know Their Names?
Friday, 04 July 2008 11:39

It's not many years since the names of cabinet ministers were well known but today they are little-known to the public. Yes, it's easy to find out who they are and get a list of their names, but that's not the point.

Nu Labour has changed the way that government present itself from the British way, where cabinet ministers took decisions and made announcements to the house of commons into a presidential style. This process was begun by Tony Blair and has not been changed by Grodon Clown.

Take this simple test.

  • Who is the Minister of Transport?
  • Who is Minister of Health?
  • Who is responsible for social security

We don't know the names because the ministers are generally kept from public view. Any announcements that are considered 'good news' and given by the prime minister but anything that might be 'bad news' is buried away and might even be announced by putting a page onto a government website.

The prime minister acts as a mouthpiece for the government instead of allowing his ministers to shine through, it's as though nothing must be allowed to tarnish his image. The fact that Gronod is tired, indecisive and doesn't really like being centre-stage in politics seems to have escaped the majority.

It's time to ditch the presidential style and let ministers get on with communicating their own announcements and taking responsibility.

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