Cameron gets his war
Thursday, 03 December 2015 09:58

David Cameron finally gets his way war

December 2015 and little David Cameron finally gets what he wanted for Christmas, his very own war. Yes, at last, little David joins Tony Blair and others before him in starting a war. It's taken time and he's had to rely on support from those nasty rough kids on the other side of the street, but finally he's going to get the thing he really wanted.

Gung Ho friends have been telling him that he really needs to keep pestering and eventually he will get his own way, just like he did over the last two really important things that he wanted, gay marriage and the Cameron cost - a charge on plastic bags.

Now little David really feels satisfied and happy and will write a 'thank you' note to santa using the blood of the innocents that he's condemned and mentally tot up how much taxpayers' money he's wasting.

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