Witch hunt gathers pace
Monday, 07 July 2014 09:44

The 'abuse' witch hunt continues to gather pace, fuelled by media hype and the public's insatiable appetite for titillation. New allegations emerge daily -" A well-known person put a spell on my cow by putting his hand on it's udder while I was watching. It was 25 years ago buy I remember as if it was yesterday."

"Of course compensation has nothing to do with my decision to come forward now, neither does the exposure and celebrity status that it brings. I just want to see justice done and the vile wizzard brought to book."

It's even said that the king and his ministers have somehow been involved, but that the evidence has been hidden or burned.

No need to worry, we have a hoard of highly paid witch hunters who are ready to do their duty and root out the witches and wizzards no matter how long it takes and how much it costs - as long as someone else is paying. They of course have nothing to gain, they despise the publicity it brings to them and the money they make. They hate the opportunity of accusing well-known people of heinous crimes. Their only motive is the true exposure of hideous superstitious acts no matter where and when they took place.

Try getting the potholes in your town fixed and there's no money, but funds for never-ending public enquiries are found as if by magic . . . what a sick country we have become.

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