High energy prices are the result of government policies
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 07:04

The cost of raw energy has risen steadily, but a far bigger cause of rocketting energy prices is government policy.

We have a crazy set of policies that see huge amounts of cash being channeled into renewable energy that could never hope to be economically sensible. Why you may ask do we have legally-binding targets and the switch away from coal while China and India build 4 new coal power plants EVERY week. (read more . . .)

China has 620 coal fired power plants (Sept 2013) and is not going to reduced coal use. The same applies to India.

The Chinese and Indians must laugh at Europe and its hand-wringing politicians who condemn us all to pay hundreds of pounds a year more than necessary for no tangible benefit.

Common sense dictates that we get back to coal, it's in the ground under our country, a secure energy source, massive potential for employment and above all an almost limitless source of cheap power.

Unfortunately our politicians are afraid of taking any real decisions except leaving us to foot the bill now and for ever.

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