Tipping on cruises
Tuesday, 03 January 2012 17:45

Tipping on cruises - time for the operators to think harder

Most cruise operators still operate in the past, whereby they pay the on-board staff a pittance and expect cruise passengers to top up the crew's wages by giving ridiculous amounts in tips, such as $15 per person per day.

Cruise operators need to wake up to the fact that Europeans and Australians are not like Americans, we don't tip! We resent even the idea of giving a tip. As far as we are concerned we pay for a ticket and don't expect to pay more. When we do our shopping in our local supermarket the cashier does not expect a tip so why should a barman?

The 'baby boomers' have worked hard for their money and most of them are simply not going to give it away, what they do expect is that staff are paid properly and do their jobs without always having their hands out for more. Wake up cruise operators, you are now dealing with a different group of people who think differently!

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