How to Win the Next Election
Thursday, 03 July 2008 07:48

some advice

What does it take to win the next election? Judging by the unpopularity of Gordon Brown 'not much' would seem to be the answer. However, if the Conservatives want to make absolutely sure of winning here are some policies that they should announce immediately.

  • The war in Afganistan can not be won, it's another Vietnam. Get out now and save a lot of lives and money.
  • Congestion charging is VERY unpopular - get rid of it.
  • Drop the idea of identity cards, it will cost too much and not work.
  • Stop piling taxes onto motorists - reduce them by using the windfall of taxes that are coming in from increasing fuel costs
  • Give tax relief of private medical insurance premiums - that will take pressure off the NHS. There is nothing wrong with people topping up their provision. We are all encouraged to do it with pensions so why not other things?
  • Reduce handouts in general
  • Put a tax of at least 100 pounds on every CCTV camera

Let's hope our politicians are open to suggestions rather than the usual dogma that we are tired of.

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