eBay alternative eBid
Saturday, 17 September 2011 19:25

The internet really does need an alternative to auction site eBay not least because eBay's fees have shot up recently.

When you take into account eBay's listing fees, fees for Buy-it-Now, fees for photographs (only the first is free), then for most sales an eye-watering 10% of the selling price in commission you have a hefty fee to pay to sell those unwanted items. For many small items you are looking at 12 to 15% of the price, and if you then factor in PayPal fees to receive the money you can be in the 15 to 18% cost range.

That seems high. eBay has also become much more restrictive and prescriptive about what you can and can't sell, say and do. Many of the people selling on eBay are professionals, making a living selling a variety of goods. It's time for the rise of an alternative.

eBid looks like that alternative, with millions of auctions running and much lower fees than eBay.

It's time to stop listing your stuff on eBay and give eBid a try.

Sign up to eBid (opens in a new window) and give it a try

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