It's no wonder we are not shopping!
Friday, 26 August 2011 06:56

The head of the Co-Op describes the situation on Britain's High Streets as the worst for 40 years, but is it any wonder?

Ask anyone out there why we are keeping our hands firmly in our pockets and not spending and they will tell you - high taxes!

They may not say it exactly those words but what you will hear over and over is the cost of fuel and VAT. Both government controlled by Cameron and Osborne and like Tonay Blair when presented with a petition of nearly 2 million asking for lower fuel prices they don't give a monkey's.

Oddly the best people to ask about taxation and its effects are historians. History shows that lower taxes are the answer, as is less regulation.

After a year of Tory government what has changed? - figures show that immigration is actually up, the immigrants that are here breed like the proverbials. Taxes are a huge burden, fuel is more than 60% tax so when you fill up at the pumps and it costs £50 to fill your small car the government is creaming off more than £30. Imagine, the oil companies can find the stuff anywhere in the world, get it out of the ground, refine it and deliver it to a filling station anywhere in the UK, they make a profit at around 44p a litre, add the retailer's profit of around 5p a litre and the stuff is really costing less than 50p a litre and everyone is making money. Then the government comes along and slaps on 59p in excise duty and another 22p VAT, 81p tax.

VAT in general is a similar story - 20% added to your purchases. Almost everything we buy has 20% tax on it, so that £12 shirt is really £10 + £2 tax.

New government yes, but in reality nothing has changed, they are still taxing us far too much then frittering our money away without a thought in their heads.

Two things we could do immediately to sort out our problems, get out of the EU and scrap the human rights legislation. Then we could tackle some of the real issues like scrapping child benefits for new children and not giving benefits to people who have contributed nothing to the system.

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