Aircraft carriers = waste of time and money
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 09:04

2 November 2010, UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 'Today' and spoke about aircraft carriers.

What he said made interesting listening.

The basic facts are that an aircraft carrier costs more than £2 billion to build, and building the thing takes many years. By the time it's built the UK will not have any aircraft to put on it.d

After only 'six or seven years' it has to be taken out of service for a refit that takes 3 years.

How can the public who pay for this military materiel take this expenditure seriously? After only 6 years in service the aircraft carrier has to be virtually re-built which means it's unavailable for 3 years.

Let's look at that another way, suppose Mr Ford suggested you bought one of his cars but after using it for 6 years you would have to send it back to the factory where they would rebuild it for you but that would take 3 years. Of course you would have to pay for the rebuild and during that time you could make your own arrangements for transport.

Who would be buying a car?

The previous Labour government set up contracts for these aircraft carriers in such a way that we would still have to pay for them even if they were cancelled - thanks Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, you have ensured that every family will be paying for your incompetence for many years to come.

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