Hospital parking charges - still a tax on the sick and vulnerable
Monday, 11 October 2010 09:37

The new coalition government has decided not to abolish hospital parking changes. Quite predictably many hospital have jacked up their charges by as much as 150% since the decision was announced.

Hospitals should not be charging for car parking, it's just a tax on the sick and their visitors. We the taxpayers are already paying for the hospitals and all the services they provide so in effect we're been made to pay twice.

Another way to look at it that the sick are being made to pay for the welfare benefits of the great army of people who don't work and have never worked, how does that fit in with 'fairness'?

Write to your MP and tell them that hospital parking charges should go, here's a letter that you are welcome to copy . . .

[MP's name] MP

House of Commons




Dear [MP's name]

Hospital parking charges

I read with dismay that the government has decided not to abolish parking charges at hospitals.

I can not understand the claim that this would be too expensive. It is simply a tax on the sick and everyone who goes to visit them in their hour of need. So called 'trusts' are extorting money from the sick and vulnerable, you like to talk about fairness, but what I see is the strong, ie the hospital management preying on the weak.

Hospitals should never be charging for parking, it's part of the treatment and should be free.

As a general observation, I am a great supporter of the current government, but am not at all happy with the what is happening. I have recently moved to semi-retirement and see prices and charges rocketing up while my income from investments is the lowest it has ever been. This needs to change, and soon.

Yours faithfully,

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