Time to scrap child benefit altogether
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 09:39

The time has come to scrap child benefit altogether.

This particular government handout was introduced immediately after the last war for two reasons . . .

  1. To encourage women to have children to replace the men who had been killed in the war
  2. to get women out of the workplace and back into the home. Don't forget that many women were doing jobs formerly done by men because the men were away fighting. When the men came back they needed work.

Since 1946, when the population of the UK was around 47 million there have been radical changes, the country no longer needs to expand its population - the idea is ridiculous. Immigration is a major social issue with the population now around 62 million and set to rise to 70 million because of further immigration and the high birthrate of immigrants.

At the other end of life, the UK government has raised the age at which pensions are paid, and issues scaremongering tales about there not being enough young people to look after an aging population.

The world's problems all stem from one cause, too many people. This is brought about in part by religious objections to birth control, and the catholic church must bear responsibility for the sufferings of millions of deprived people around the world simply because its policy has resulted in their birth.

Politicains need to address population, not climate change or other issues. A start would be the scrapping of child benefit for all children born after 39 weeks from the announcement, and a progressive cut of 5% a year in existing child benefits. That would ensure that existing children were not suddenly cut off, but that new children were the responsibility of their parents.


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