What people really want
Tuesday, 20 July 2010 16:38

The UK's coalition government has set up a website for all of us to tell the government what laws we want changed. Here is our chance to say what we want and when we do to expect the government to listen to the people.

Everyone should click the link and visit the site, then, before you forget, write to your MP and tell him or her that you expect the government to listen, take notice and do what the people want, not sweep our ideas under the carpet without consideration.

Here are most popular ideas so far . . .

  • bring back the death sentence
  • repeal drugs prohibition
  • stop collective worship in schools
  • leave the EU
  • allow people to own firearms
  • let teachers use physical punishments
  • ban the police from using Tasers
  • lower the age of criminal responsibility
  • ban the burka
  • repeal bans on handguns and knives
  • freedom to photograph your own children
  • remove CCTV cameras
  • scrap child benefit

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