How to decide in the general election
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 08:11

How will you vote in the general election and how can we make a sensible choice between the parties?

The first thing we need to remember is that the political parties are like children, they will tell you anything you want to hear as long as you let them have their own way.

We live in an elected dictatorship, which means that once in a while the government has to come to the people and ask them to re-elect the government. Once they are in power there's no limit to what they can do, just remember that parliament can make any law it wants and there's nothing that anyone can do about it.

Whether you have been a traditional Labour or Conservative voter take a good look at the other parties and what they are offering and suggesting. Then be realistic. There are only two parties who have any real chance of forming the next government, Labour or Conservative. Talk of a hung parliament is hogwash, it is simply not going to happen.

The Liberals are NOT going to be the government, that can be stated without fear of contradiction. The Liberals might make lots of noise, and well they might. They have one of the easiest jobs in politics. The liberals can attack both Labour and Conservatives and deride both. The liberals can make all the loony promises they like, but they are never going to have to deliver on any on them.

Labour or Conservative is the choice.

How do we decide between Labour and Conservative?

History is a good indicator, some of us are old enough to remember several governments and what they did, and how it felt to live under them. Here are those remembrances . . .

The Conservatives believe in smaller government, in trusting people to make decisions for themselves. Conservatives believe in letting people spend their own money on the things that people want, even when they do it unwisely. Under a Conservative government taxes are lower, public money is better managed and spent more effectively. Government is for all the people equally and doesn't really favour any particular sections. Under a Conservative government people are left alone to get on with their lives.

Labour believe in BIG government, that the state knows best in all circumstances and that people cannot be trusted in any way. Labour believe in 'tax and spend', which means high taxes for everyone, high spending by government with little regard for whether money is spent effectively or not. Government waste is high and covered up. Labour government means social engineering and taking money and giving it to others who have not worked for it. Under a Labour government people are managed and told what to do and what to think from the centre.

How does it feel living under Labour?

Ask yourself 'Does it feel good living in the UK?'

Living under Labour feels lousey, it means always looking over your shoulder to see what's going on, who is watching you and keeping an eye on you. Paying more and more, yet seeing immigrants taking jobs while others are given money for doing nothing.

Some examples of Labour government over the last 13 years

High taxes

Labour said they would not put up income tax, so instead they put up National Insurance, which is just another tax on income. Almost everyone pays National Insurance and the government simply takes the money.

Vehicle taxes - Labour has hiked car taxes up and up, changing the basis on which they are charged so that we all pay more for our cars.

Petrol and diesel taxes - fuel now costs more than it ever has, most of what we pay to fill our vehicles goes straight to the government.

VAT - likely to rise to 20 or 21% if Labour are returned to power, most other countries in Eurpoe charge VAT at 20 or 21%

Airport departure taxes that hit anyone taking a holiday, while foreigners passing through don't pay anything.

Surveillance - everyone is photographed at least 300 times a day as they go about their lawful business. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, including many public toilets.

University students come out of university with a devalued qualification and huge debt they prevents them progressing in life.

Immigration - Labour has allowed millions into the UK to take housing and jobs while doling out money to the UK's workshy and unmarried mothers.

Pension age has been put up and bus passes taken away from the over 60s.

More and more has been given to unmarried mothers and feckless people without seeing any changes or improvements.

There has been a war going on for almost the whole time that Labour has been in power. The war in Afghanistan costs millions of pounds every day and brings us no benefits.

Think how it feels before you vote and ask whether you really want Gordon Brown running your life for any longer.


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