Criminalise every dog owner
Tuesday, 09 March 2010 08:08

More state regulation for everyone instead of tackling the problem.

So everyone will have to insure their dog, in the same way that everyone has to insure their car? We all know that there are thousands of un-insured cars on the road and the government goes to great lengths to track their owners, but that's about tax, not danger. There is no tax revenue from dogs, so there is no money for enforcement. Nothing would be done and the very people who should be insuring would not.

This measure would not help anyone, no fewer people would be bitten or mauled, there would simply be prolems and no penalties.

The answer is simple, muzzle all dogs in public and bring back the dog license. The owner of any dog in a public place carries the license at all times and any dog without a license if put down.

The problem needs harsh treatment of bad dog owners, not the majority, however the Labour way is the criminalise everyone, employ more snoopers and jobsworths.

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