The tories are simply not telling us what we want to hear
Monday, 01 March 2010 08:23

The reason the Conservatives are having such a poor showing in the opinion polls is that they are not telling us, the electorate, what we want to hear.

There are major issues that are being ignored, what we should be hearing is:

  • no immigration
  • changes to immigration rules so no more dependants get in
  • troops out of Afghanistan immediately
  • cuts to dole and handouts to the 3 kids by different fathers brigade
  • scrap political correctness everywhere
  • bring back matrons to hospitals
  • sweep away CCTV cameras and start trusting people more
  • dismantle the independent safeguarding authority

13 years of Labour has produced a Britain that is strangled by rules and regulation, where people can't give next door's kids a lift to school without being regarded as pedophiles. This has to change.

Come on Cameron, start telling it like it is!

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