Eat seasonal foods
Monday, 01 March 2010 08:12

If you really are concerned about carbon footprints (which are simply scaremongering by government and the green gestapo anyway) the one thing you can do that will cut lots of emissions is to eat seasonal foods.

The supermarkets have made a fortune simply be providing us with out of season foods, strawberries all the year round, green pea pods in December and baby sweet corn in November. This is simple madness.

Food is grown on plants, which means that as far as the UK is concerned stawberries used to be available from about the first week in June, the season was relatively short and was then extended by strawberries from Scotland where the weather is a bit cooler and the plants cropped later.

Same with peas and other vegetables.

The public's demand for out of season strawberries is such that we have acres of glass houses being used to force the plants, huge quantities of fuel being used to heat them and in other countries production of strawberries and then sending them to the UK by air.

So, if you really want to do something that you can feel good about, leave the strawberries on the shelf, even when they are on a yellow label. That way you will do you bit and feel really smug.

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