Africa's leaders are still in the past
Sunday, 29 June 2008 10:46

It's a pathetic show to watch. The whole world despairs over the brutal intimidation in Zimbabwe and looks to African leaders for support and leadership. Instead of leadership all that comes from Mbeki and the rest is . . . nothing.

These people are still clinging together and behaving like they have only just been liberated and have something to prove that can only be done by doggedly supporting each other against the rest of the world.

It's time we, the rest of the world, stopped pouring aid money into their countries and left them to get on with things in their own way.

These people take our aid but when 'pay back' time comes they lack the moral fibre and staying power to do anything. We are not looking for armies to go in and take on Mugabe and his supporters, just a few well-chosen words and African leaders to condemn him en masse.

Until African leaders start behaving like leaders we should treat them with the disdain they deserve.

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