Kraft wastes no time is slashing UK jobs - what did you expect?
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 22:29

Just days after taking over Cadbury's the US food giant Kraft decides to close a UK factory with the loss of 400 jobs.

This website has pointed out the folly of allowing foreign companies to buy British enterprises before, to little effect. Our government thinks it's a good thing, inward investment they call it. Here at Listen to the People we call it exporting jobs and profits. Foreign owners are interested in one thing, that's how much money they can take out of the company and back to their country.

Cadbury's was purchased by Kraft with borrowed money, the interest has to be paid on that money and it's going to be paid by sacking British workers, plus the direct losses of all the money that they spent which fed other businesses. The rest of us end up paying because the government will be paying part of the redundancy money and dole etc etc of the sacked workers.

Well done Nu Liarbor.

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