Why does Gordon Brown hate the UK?
Friday, 11 December 2009 18:13

What has the population of the UK done to Gordon Brown to make him hate them?

You only have to look at what he's done to come to the conclusion that he hates the Britain and everyone who lives here with a passion and vehemence that he nurtures and cares for on a daily basis.

How else can you explain the social engineering that has all but destroyed marriage, encouraged single parents, made it better to claim benefits than work and to find every more ways to exert your human rights to the detriment of everyone else.

Now in Copenhagen at the so-called 'climate change summit' he is out to give away what little money we have left with no thought or consideration for the fact that the country is bankrupt through his past actions and decisions.

Giving away money to 'poor countries' to offset the effects of climate change is a no brainer. As soon as there is the sniff of money these countries' representatives have their hands out and are shouting that it's not enough. What else do you expect?

Climate change is NOT man-made. It's a natural process and nothing that we do one way or the other is going to change it. Go back just 15 000 years, less than a second on the geological clock, and there were ice sheets kilometres thick over the whole of the UK and you could walk to France and Ireland. The earth has warmed naturally since cavemen were lamenting the fact that if they didn't do something the ice would melt. They tried sacrificing and everything they knew to no avail. The earth warmed, and will continue to warm.

If Gordon wants to do something positive he and all the other climate change lunatics should recognise that overpopulation is the problem.

The man must be mad, or simply hell bent on ruining Britain so that he can hand over a mission impossible to the next government.


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