Copenhagen should be about population
Friday, 11 December 2009 08:39

The real cause of our problems is not global warming, climate change, carbon emissions, carbon footprint or whatever you want to call it.

Our problem is overpopulation, too many people.

No politician is even willing to say it, acknowledge it and certainly has no idea how to tackle it - with one exception, China.

Mention limiting immigration and you will immediately by branded a racist.

Climate change is about taxation and fear, nothing more.

Governments love to keep us in a state of fear, from which they can 'save' us, by taxing us more and telling us what to do. The more minute the detail of what they tell us to do, the more they like it because it gives them power over our daily lives through odious minions.

Talk of 'serving the public' is a smoke screen for a love of power and interference where none is needed.

Too many people is the problem and the answer to most of the challenging questions. Until we get a new breed of politicians who are not in denial of this issue nothing will change.

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