Climate change is a con
Sunday, 29 November 2009 09:21

'Climategate' - the manipulation of scientific data to produce results that show global warming has shown that we have all been sold a pup. The earth goes through temperature variations and there is no man-made global warming. Whether or not you understand the science as yourself one simple question . . .

'What kind of scientist destroys data to prevent others from analysing it?'

The answer is just as simple, one whose work will not stand up to scrutiny and is worthless.



All the work and results of these particular people (not worthy of the word scientists) should be totally forgotten and removed from use. Anything based on it is useless.

But the lie has a momentum of its own. Politicians have accepted it and now will not want to admit they were wrong. Instead we will get more and more moral blackmail about green taxes being good. A tax is a tax is a tax. Just a way to take money off us and squander it.

Scientists will argue but the truth is plain and if you want to know the answer 'follow the money'. Scientists' careers are built on research, for that they need money. They get money by doing research into what seems politically expedient and it's the scientists who tell the government and funding bodies what is important.

In the corrupt world scientists are not immune to the pressures, they go where the money is, and if that means a little massaging of the figures and suppression of certain inconvenient findings then so be it.

The result is likely to be massive taxes and ridiculous restrictions on the rest of us. All needless.

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