Gordon Brown should fight in Afghanistan
Friday, 06 November 2009 07:51

Today it is reported the our beloved prime minister will make a speech telling us all that our troops in Afghanistan are keeping the streets of Britain free of terrorists. It's likely that he will pour scorn on all those who are calling for our soldiers to be pulled out.

The war in Afghanistan (2001 - onwards) has lasted longer that the second world war (1939 - 1945) and there is no sign of it coming to an end.

There are no industries in Afghanistan, there are only two sources of income - the drug trade and aid. The Afghan government does not have the money and cannot raise the money to pay the police or army. The situation is a disaster.

What Brown should remember is that the war in Afghanistan is not winnable. There is no clear goal, no-one knows what would have to happen to say we have won. TheĀ  Afghan government is corrupt, not worth fighting for. Our troops are literally dying to keep people in power who are milking the system. The police chief buys his job and gets the money back by taking a cut of the bribes and kickbacks that the so-called police under him extort from the population. This is what our young men are dying for, not to protect Britain.

Let's cast our minds back to Iraq and the 'weapons of mass destruction' - there were none, it was a lie. For weapons of mass destruction read 'terrorists of the street of Britain, trained in Afghanistan'.

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