QE is printing money
Friday, 06 November 2009 07:34

We all know the story about the emperor's new clothes that only he could see. Everyone else went along with the lunacy until a small boy pointed out that the emperor was not wearing any clothes. Here at Listen to the People we'd like to think of ourselves as the small boy.

Quantitative easing or QE is just a fancy name for printing money.

Printing money devalues ALL existing money.

Devaluing money is called inflation.

£200 Billion has been printed by Labour.

The price of gold reflects the real value of money.

Gold is at a record price and costing more day by day.

£200 billion an eye-watering amount of money. That's two thousand million. WE, the British people will have to pay interest on that money AND repay the whole of it. Most of us will see our children and our grandchildren repaying that money.

Last year Tony Blair is said to have made over £10 million.

Gordon Brown was not elected as prime minister.

The voters of Britain have not had a chance to have their say.

Simple truths!


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