No Third Runway for Heathrow
Thursday, 26 June 2008 12:54

Any talk of another runway at Heathrow should be firmly and decisively rejected. Heathrow is already overcrowded with too much packed into such a small space. Expansion needs to be blocked and BAA Limited, the foreign owner of all the London airports told in no uncertain manner that expansion is out of the question.

When people from BAA Limited  talk about the need for expansion they are simply looking for ways to extract more profits from their UK operations. Our government needs to get to work planning the demise of BAA Limited. That will not be easy. Cool heads and focussed thinking will be needed, with the same dogged determination that is applied to taxing and prosecuting and fining motorists.

Competition is essential, with no-one owning even one airport, in the US there is competition between terminals on the same airport. It works well and  benefits the passengers.

We need that level of competition here in the UK.

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