Population is the answer not food prices
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 06:45

'Should we pay more for food' asks the BBC's Have Your Say - what a stupid question. The responses that are top of readers reccomendations show that the mass of people in the UK really understand the problem and know the answer. At the top of the list recommended by hundreds are the posts saying overpopulation is the problem and they are right.

All our problems come from too many people on a small island. So what is our government doing about it?

Precisely nothing.

They whitter on about immigration being good for the economy and the UK needing more workers. We need more people like a hole in the head.

This government doesn't even know how many people are in the country, the signs are obvious, crime, overcrowding everywhere and still they let in more and more as our population rushes towards 70 million.

We need a total ban on immigration starting from midnight, no assylum - there are plenty of safe countries across the channel all of which have to be crossed to get here.

No dependents - families can easily be together - they go elsewhere.

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