Ghoulish voyeurism
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 06:11

So the 'baby P' killers can be named today, staring out from the pages of all the newspapers we see what might once have been described as a half-wit but is now described as 'inadequate'. Do we really need all the salacious details raked over and over? No we don't. It only serves to have people say 'isn't it awful' and similar comments while salivating at the details.

Social workers, that over-paid group of 'professional busybodies' failed, despite plenty of resources. This kind of thing is going on all the time and those same people who are now lapping up the detail know where it's going on today and every day, but look the other way. They see, they hear but know that it's best to get on with life and not get involved - when you take action you become the victim.

Whether it's anti-social behaviour or abuse is all the same, it's down to too many people in the country, bad parenting, selfishness and couldn't care less attitudes all round. It comes from 12 years of Labour running the country and letting in anyone who wants to come and giving handouts to anyone who opens their hand.

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