Air passenger duty rises are counterproductive
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 07:33

Air passenger duty, a tax grab on people as they have the audacity to fly in an aircraft, is set for an eyewatering rise next year. If you are planning a long trip then be warned that the rate is more than doubling from the current £40 to £90.

£40 is outrageous, but £90 is totally insane, especially at a time when other european countries are scrapping passenger taxes and reducing airport charges.

For a couple going on holiday or to visit relatives this puts £180 onto the cost at a stroke, then there are the airport charges and additional costs that are piled on.

It's as if the Scottish contingent in Downing Street want to reinforce the stereotypical view of mean spiritedness that many folk associate with that north-of-the-border part of the UK. Let's hope that some common sense will return if we get a change of government. If not, there will be a lot of people organising their travel itineraries to make sure they depart from a low-tax country.

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