Nobody should escape the pain of public sector cuts
Friday, 17 July 2009 15:10

Whether it's the UK or Ireland or any other country no section of the community or services should expect to be left uncut.

As soon as there is a report or a government committee recommends action all the predictable voices are raised in support of their own special interest groups.

We have the disbled lobby whining that cuts will impact people with disabilities . . .

Unicef Ireland says it it 'horrified' by suggestions that cuts might be made . . .

Everyone can come up with a good reason why they should not have any cut in their budget - well let's get real for once. Unless governments get a grip on expenditure and slash public services ruthlessly there will be a run on the pound, the value of the pound will plummet and we will be dead in the water as a country.

It's no good 'ring fencing' foreign aid or any other budget, everything has got to be looked at and slashed. This is not what people want to hear.

The first place to start is the gold-plated pensions that are enjoyed by the public sector, these are an amonoly and an affront to everyone that is now on a money-purchase pension plan, they are an extravagence that cannot be allowed to contine. However, Clown Brown and Darling Alistair don't have the balls to even think about this challenge. It will be left for the next government to tackle, and tackle it they will need to do, and quickly.

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